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Instant Songwriting

Buy the Book

You can get this book several different ways.

1. Buy the print version from here
Please go to this page and “Like” Instant Songwriting, and write up a review after you have read it.
2. Available for e-readers

You may purchase Instant Songwriting in parts (Parts 1,2,3,and 4) via and download the texts from there onto your computer here. Or you can purchase the FULL text at the Amazon Kindle store here.


3. Buy the PDF version or print version of Instant Songwriting directly from this website.

Go to and send a payment of $18.95 ($15.95 for the book, $1 for tax, and $2 for shipping) to:

All print copies bought through this website will be signed by Nancy Howland Walker. Please indicate (in the message box in the “email to recipient” which is on the bottom of the last page before sending the payment) if you want a personalized message with the signature (1. whom to address it to, 2. if you WANT a message – if so, do you want a. Nancy to come up with something or b. you have a specific thing you want written or 3. Just a signature.)


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